Sunday, May 22, 2011

TED- "My kind of tv"

I was scanning through my Google reader tonight (yes, I admit I am a speed scanner when I am behind on my blog reading), when I came across a post from Scott over at Brick by Brick mentioning a number of great TED Talks.  Scott features one of my favorite TED Speakers- Sir Ken Robinson in the post mentioned, hop on over and check it out! I honestly do not watch a lot of tv, but I do spend quite a bit of time reading blogs and watching great videos like this one from Sugata Mitra: (It is a few years old, but still one of my favorites).

I love how this experiment shows us that we really just need to give children the tools, set up the environment and really let them run with it!  Now, about that faster processor and bigger hard drive... (I picked up some great "things" for the children at some yard sales this weekend!!!! I can't wait to show the children!!!!!)

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