Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Would You Do With It Wednesday..... Milk Jugs

Welcome to this week's edition of What Would You Do With It? Wednesday. This week we are featuring plastic milk jugs! (I decided to jump all of the items I was behind and go to the scheduled item for the week. Don't worry, at the end, I'll go back to all of those things I missed!)

We made these fabulous milk jug skeletons like the one pictured here from Family Fun Magazine:

(The photo isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. 
I know we have photos of this project somewhere, but I'm not sure where at the moment!)

Another idea from Family Fun Magazine that we tried are these spirit lanterns. You can make them in a wide variety of spirits, jack-o-lanterns, and/or critters:
 (Photo from Family Fun)

We have been collecting milk jugs since last fall to create one of these amazing milk jug igloos. I first heard about them as part of a discussion at Teach Preschool on Facebook. We have great plans for our igloo. It will be outside and incorporates another idea as well. (I bet you can't wait to see and hear all about it.... hopefully the suspense isn't killing you! I"ll tell you more when we start putting it together over the next couple of weeks.)

I also have this wonderful idea on my to do list from Creative Star Learning Company 
(Photo from Little Eyes on Nature)
 (Photo from Little Eyes on Nature)

Perhaps we will knock a few more things off the to do list this upcoming 3-day weekend.....

There is a great link to make dinosaurs from milk jugs here, and a piggy bank one here.

Aren't you just ready to cozy on up to the campfire?

For the full list of previously posted items and upcoming challenges, visit the What Would You Do With It? Wednesdays Page. (I don't know how accurate this is going to be for the future, but there is a great big list of things to try to reuse!)

On to this week's link up! Milk Jugs- It's your turn!

Do you have a great idea or post that you can share using Milk Jugs? If so, please join in linking up!

Here are the rules:

1) The post MUST use milk jugs

2) The post MUST be family friendly.

There are no other requirements. If you would like, I would love if you linked back to his linky party, but it is not required. I would hope that you will investigate the links shared and visit some of the  other blogs, but I'm not imposing any "blog hop/linky" rules.  Please, if  you do find great ideas and photos... Give credit where  credit is due  :).

If you have been featured and feel inclined, my featured button is available to grab from the sidebar. Next week I will be looking for ideas to recycle markers, hope to see you there!


lucyferka said...

In my country we haven't milk jugs but water jugs (like this Can it be from this stuff? I make sorter for child cloths (socks etc.)

Sarah said...

WOW! Best ideas ever!! I'm wracking my brain!!! So fun!

Thanks for hosting this!!



We love your milk bottle igloo the best - but I think your planters are so clever too. I just found your blog, Amy this afternoon - had looked unsuccessfully but 'accidentally' found it today and intend to follow your blog.

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Lucy- feel free to link up something similar. I know that designs of objects vary from place to place

Sarah- Thanks :). I love to find great inspiration all over the web.....

Cathy- Thanks for following and working hard to find me ;). I can't really take credit for any of the ideas above, as noted they all were inspired from other folks.

Stacie said...

Love this challenge!! I don't have anything to link up though!! It looks like I might need to make something with a milk jug...

Anonymous said...

Added some images to my pinterest account! Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Stacie- you can check the page by clicking on the link above or to the right of the blog... Then you will know what the upcoming weeks will bring :).

Abbie- I'm glad you found some good ideas. None of them are my original ideas, as noted, but they do inspire me too!

lucyferka said...

Ok, I post it here it's my kids socks and stuff sorter for wardrobe. In plans that should be garage but with my energyfull child had fall so many times that I change destiny.

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