Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fizzing Sidewalk Paint


 Back in April, Rachel from over at Quirky Mamma shared this wonderful recipe for fizzing sidewalk paint. I bookmarked it in tumblr, and waited for clear sidewalks and the perfect time to try it out.
The children didn't realize that the sidewalk paint this week was different. We routinely use cornstarch, food coloring, and water to paint our sidewalk.
The real fun came with the spray bottles filled with vinegar! The children had a fantastic time spraying their creations and watching the bubbles and fizz.
Paint, spray, paint, spray.... 

 I wonder what will happen if we dump the vinegar into the paint before we brush it on the sidewalk???  I love that the children are so curious and develop their own experiments no matter what we are doing.  Lots of bubbling and fizzing in this paint!
An added bonus to using the vinegar on the sidewalk is that it helps prevent and remove weeds from growing in the sidewalk cracks! (I learned that great tip recently from Sunny over at My Life in Rehab).
Can we pour the paint instead of using brushes..... of course we can!

The paint becomes much more opaque as it dries, but is easily washed off the sidewalk.
We were going to wash off our creations with some fun water play..... but the rain beat us to it.

A couple of unrelated updates.... Almost all of our tires are now painted and in place as our rock garden flower pots....

And.... our tadpoles now have their hind legs!!!
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Play for Life said...

Oh Amy we've so got to try this one ... and YAY for the tadpoles!!
Donna :) :)

Unknown said...

I didn't think my daughter could like writing with chalk any better, and then I read your post. =) Approximately what are the measurements to make the sidewalk paint? I see on Quirky Momma she says to have a container of baking soda but we buy in bulk, so not sure the quantity for the baking soda and water too. Thank you, Amy!

How to start a painting business said...

Awesome.! Children are cute. The paintings are very impressive.

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