Thursday, June 16, 2011

Magnification: Fun with Zoomy

Sometimes we need to use real tools in order to see things better. Around here we have a lot of tools for doing so.  The giant magnifier above is one of our favorites, especially with our younger friends.

We have a wide range of magnifying glasses. The children use them to check out just about everything.
 We also have quite a few sets of binoculars and a couple different types of handheld microscopes.  I have found that the children like to pretend with these types of microscopes, but I have found that it is difficult for preschool children to use them properly. Most children have a hard time adjusting them, and it is too easy to bump the slide or the mirror out of place.
So, a couple of years ago I invested in a Quantum Big Screen Microscope. The children can still bump the slide, but the image shows up on a big screen. The children have really enjoyed investigating things close up with this machine, but the new Zoomy digital microscope that came in this week is by far their favorite! We have been having so much fun taking photos with the microscope, that I haven't taken any photos with the regular camera showing us using it!  Can you guess what these photos are? (I know there are quite a few, but we have been taking photos like crazy!!!!)

You can see more of our photos on Facebook.  Don't forget, there is still time to enter the Pay It Forward Giveaway.


Play for Life said...

While I LOVE, and would love to have the giant magnifier in the first picture, something I've never seen before, some of those photos taken with new Zoomy digital microscope look incredible ... creepy but incredible ( Not sure I want to know what some of them are actually!) What lucky, lucky children you have Amy!
Donna :) :)

Anonymous said...

where did you buy that big magnifyer in the first pic?

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