Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pay It Forward

If you are looking for What Would You Do With It? Wednesday. I made a mistake, I typed it up last week and scheduled it to post for the wrong day. Wednesday has come and gone, so I am going to post it on Saturday instead. I double checked the date and it is ready to post early Saturday morning... So, you still have a few days to gather your ideas with toilet paper/paper towel tubes until then!

We recently received this wonderful package in the mail from Scott over at Brick by Brick! Scott blogs about his adventures with children in Nashville, Tennessee.  When he posted an option to win a package from him to pay it forward, how could I resist?
 The children LOVE the guitar fly swatter, they had the same thought I did... WOW, I bet that will make cool prints! We have added it to our collection for fly swatter painting! As much as I wanted to whip out the paint, I also wanted to give the children time to use it to make beautiful music! (Check the Facebook page soon for new artsy photos!)

The children also LOVE the book that Scott sent along, "V is for Volunteer: A Tennessee Alphabet." We spent a little bit of time finding Tennessee on our USA Floor Puzzle. The children have acquired quite a bit of geographical knowledge and were able to find the state quite quickly. I think all of the wonderful post card exchanges we have participated in have really helped!

In prep for our first exchanges, the children and I came up with a really long list of things that are "cool" about where we live. You can read that full post here.

I have never really been a fan of doing giveaways on my blog, but in order to participate in this wonderful program, I am making an exception.  It is our turn to "Pay it Forward." Two lucky winners will receive a package from Marquette, Michigan!  Here are the guidelines to be eligible:

1. Leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook page under this posting that shows your knowledge and/or interest about Michigan's Upper Peninsula. (One winner will be chosen from the blog, and one winner from our Facebook page- you can comment in both places for two chances to win!).

2. If you win, you must be willing to provide me privately with your mailing address, AND you need to continue the tradition- and PAY IT FORWARD by offering a package from your area to other folks. I am willing to ship internationally.

I am going to keep this opportunity open until June 23rd, and will post the winners on June 24th. DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH THE BLOG, THIS GIVEAWAY IS BEING EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 30, WITH WINNERS ANNOUNCED ON JULY 1!


Scott said...

Amy, I'm not entering but I just had to comment. The first thing I thought of when I saw that guitar flyswatter is PAINTING! I didn't get one for myself, so I guess I need to head back and get some. Enjoy your stuff from Music City.

Jeanne Zuech said...

how wonderful! love the exchange! I am not entering to win the next "pay it forward" (I was going to write "play it forward") yet I know there will be many who won't pass it up! have fun!

Unknown said...

Well...I know my husband visits a friend in the U.P. and they ice fish...a lot...because winters are a tad bit cold... :)

Stacey said...

Hi Amy! I've never been to the U.P. buy I know it is home to many 'yoopers'. (not to be confused with uppers...)

Kelly S. said...

I'm not entering, either. I just want to mention that the 2011 ice storm hit you guys pretty hard, how many inches?

Greg from Males in Early Childhood said...

A wonderful idea that I'm more then willing to be a part of.

All I know about the northern part of Michigan (& I didn't know it was the Northern Peninsular) is that it's flaned by Lakes Michigan & Superior, & the tip 'kisses' Canada.

being from the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia it would be a wonderful interest sparker for the toddlers to receive a package from another part of the world. Of course we would share them with the other rooms too. (eventually haha)

Meg said...

I love this Amy! Being from the UP myself, I'm not entering, but I love that you are sharing the uniqueness that is the UP with other children and their caregivers! Should you want some surprises from a former Yooper and now Chicago teacher...I'm game! :)

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