Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Technical Difficulties and More Upcoming Trainings!

 I've been going through blogging withdrawl! For some reason, my scheduled posts didn't post.... AND I haven't been able to get into my blogging account for days! I apologize to those of you who are avid readers! I hope to be up and running full force again tomorrow!

Due to these issues and some commenting issues folks have had, I am extending entry into my Pay It Forward Giveaway! Details on how to enter can be found on the original post. The new deadline will be  June 30th, with the winners announced on July 1.

In the mean time, here are a few photo sneak peaks of what we have been up to around here! (Hopefully I'll get to blogging about it all for you soon!)

Oh, and my first training for the Great Start Regional Resource Center 4C of the UP went well. I had a lot of fun with the Delta County Childcare Providers. It was fun to network and to share ideas to "Take It Outside!"

I'm really looking forward to Saturday in Bessemer with the Gogebic County Providers - "It's Not Rocket Science, But Sometimes It Feels Like It Is" and "Sense"-ational Learning Fun! 

I'm also getting excited to visit both Kingsford and Iron River early next week to share "The Science of Art and 'BIG' Pictures." (Dane is especially excited about this one. He is hoping to tag along to help demo all of the fun process art/science activities I will be sharing!)

If you are a provider in the area where I will be presenting, please visit the Great Start Connect website to sign up for the trainings. If you are a parent or grandparent and would like to attend please feel free to call in to register 1-877-614-7328.

I'm hoping over to update the training page as I now have dates for 5 trainings in July and a couple in August and September. 


Stephanie said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I just got home from our provider meeting down in Menominee and found out that you will be here with us for our meeting in JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I am so excited! When Sue started talking about what was going to happen in July - all she had to do was say Amy Ahola and I was like OMG I follow her blog!!! So she had me tell a little bit - and we opened up your blog and I showed everyone around! So - you may end up meeting some new followers from down this end! I was telling Sue that you had been looking for tires and that I had some - her and her husband are taking a trip down to get some tractor tires from us now!! :) Can't wait until July 13th!!!

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Stephanie- I'm glad you are so excited. I am thrilled to be traveling, networking, and sharing with other providers. We just booked that date today :). Thanks for promoting me. I look forward to meeting with you in July. If I have any room in my van, I'll stop by and grab some tires on my way through. (I do travel with quite a bit of stuff for my trainings though!) I like to have a lot of hands on activities which require STUFF.

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