Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Would You Do With It Wednesday..... Markers That Don't Work

Welcome to this week's edition of What Would You Do With It? Wednesday. This week we are featuring markers that don't work! (I decided to jump all of the items I was behind and go to the scheduled item for the week. Don't worry, at the end, I'll go back to all of those things I missed!)

This week's link up is a fun one for me, as my original post about the Marker's that Don't Work is what triggered the weekly link up for reusing/upcycling materials.  Here are a few things we have done with the markers that don't work.

 We add them to water to create a "marker stain"
 (It actually works better if you remove the insert and leave that in the water)

We use them to color our gloop/silly putty

We use them to color on wet paper.
The caps make a great base for pinky puppets.

You can use the marker cases as logs to build a fairy house and the caps link together to make a rope ladder or bridge quite nicely. (A third post on using the marker pieces can be found here.)

Last week's post was on milk jugs.I really liked this idea from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots to use the jugs as garden scoops and planters:

 And this bird feeder from Adventures in Mommydom:
And this bird feeder from Adventures in Mommydom:

For the full list of previously posted items and upcoming challenges, visit the What Would You Do With It? Wednesdays Page. (I don't know how accurate this is going to be for the future, but there is a great big list of things to try to reuse!)

On to this week's link up! Dried Up Markers- It's your turn!

Do you have a great idea or post that you can share using Markers? Were you inspired by my first set of 3 posts using these items? If you have a new idea or if you tried something I suggested, I would love to hear about it!  Please join in linking up!

Here are the rules:

1) The post MUST use markers that don't work

2) The post MUST be family friendly.

There are no other requirements. If you would like, I would love if you linked back to his linky party, but it is not required. I would hope that you will investigate the links shared and visit some of the  other blogs, but I'm not imposing any "blog hop/linky" rules.  Please, if  you do find great ideas and photos... Give credit where  credit is due  :).

If you have been featured and feel inclined, my featured button is available to grab from the sidebar. Next week I will be looking for ideas to reuse paper towel or toilet paper tubes, hope to see you there!


Jazz said...

Your "What Would You Do With It Wednesday" have inspired me to recycle the not so obvious things! Marker and marker caps would have never been on my list of things to reuse/recycle. You do an awesome job of finding great use to things otherwise overlooked. Thanks!

Kate said...

Hi Amy. We tried the felt pen inks...they worked fantastically. Produced really beautiful ink. Hope all well with you. Kate x

marcellou said...

Vous avez de SUPER IDEES J'adore (j'ai un anglais HOriBLe)

Anonymous said...

Saw this on pinterest and had to elementary school we removed the inserts and used them to color our glue. Just put it in the bottle and leave it. Our teachers didn't love it, but we did. :)

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