Monday, August 29, 2011

Bubbly Bubbles and More Sidewalk Pendulum Painting

We had the perfect afternoon today. It wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold! It was just right for some giant bubbles and sidewalk painting!
It had been awhile since we covered our parking pad in color, so it was about time to pull out the sidewalk paints and pendulums! This time, we made a short apparatus with our handy pvc pipe set that the children could easily move around.  Some of the children filled the pendulum, while others opted for dumping and brushing.

It was a lot of good, messy fun! For our sidewalk paint recipe, this time around we used basic sidewalk paint, a mixture of cornstarch and water with a bit of color.
Even our youngest friends were in on the act! 

We also filled the small swimming pool with our homemade bubble solution. 
(I never measure.... Dawn dish soap, water, and a bit of light corn syrup to help strengthen it.)
We had all of our bubble making tools..... foam-erators,
giant bubble blowers (large dowel and string)
We also had.... onion bags, cookie cutters, fly swatters, potato mashers, pipe cleaners, 
standard plastic bubble wands, AND....

We were able to stand in the center of the pool and pull the hoop up around our friends! This created a HUGE bubble tunnel around us!
I was also able to make a few HUGE bubbles by holding the hoop up in the wind!
We had a great, foamy..... 
bubbly fun afternoon!
And.... we even had a visit from an old friend! 
The perfect August afternoon!

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Ms. Jessi said...

Oohh, that looks like fun! I can't wait for our record temps (115 degrees) to cool off enough to play outdoors again. :) Thanks for linking on LINK YOUR MESS!

Ms. Jessi said...

I featured your post on Link Your Mess this week! :)

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