Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New "Blocks"

My friend Sue, the Great Start Regional Resource Center, 4c of the UP Community Childcare Specialist for Menominee, Schoolcraft, and Delta Counties gave me a wonderful bag of treasures the other day!  A big bag of wide cardboard tubes!
I was going to add them to the tinkering station, but the children had other ideas! (Don't they always?) They thought that they would be perfect in the block area. They had a lot of fun building pyramids, castles with holes/windows, and fences for their critters!
I thought for sure that the tubes would turn into tunnels... but not today..... instead, they were:
NEW EARS! (Fantastic for listening, might I add!)

Hours and hours of FREE fun!

Thanks Sue!

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jackie said...

I'm so excited! I just asked our local carpet store for some tubes the other day! They're bringing me some next week. :)

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Oh, Carpet Tubes!!! Those are even wider and more fun!

Unknown said...

Oooooh, these are wonderful! My girls would have hours of fun!

Dawn said...

we go to home depot type places and get the cardboard cement tubes - they are meant for creating posts and piling for houses but -we cut them to whatever length we want and sometimes we can get them big enough to crawl through !! good fun !!

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