Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oswald's Bear Ranch

We took a field trip to Oswald's Bear Ranch in Newberry.  The children had a GREAT time! We met up with T&M Daycare for our adventure.
It was fun to spend the day with another group of children and travel together.  Our first stretch break was in Munising at the Munising Falls.
The children all had "bears on the brain!" We saw a small cave at the falls and made our best bear impersonations!
The rangers at the falls found a partial deer skeleton and they placed it on a log in the stream/river for all to see. We had a fun time trying to guess where it came from and needed help from the ranger to identify it!
We were all quite excited when we finally arrived at the Bear Ranch! You can learn more about Oswald's Bear Ranch by visiting their website. The ranch is located near Newberry and houses rescue bears.
As a guest of the ranch, you can walk the sandy trails around the bear enclosures and feed them apples by throwing pieces through the fences. The children thought it was fantastic to be feeding the bears!

The biggest highlight for most of the children was the opportunity to have our photo taken with one of the cubs! Two children were able to feed the cub during the photo shoot, and all of the children had the opportunity to pet it when we were done! One of the little girls even have the bear a "high paw"
Thanks to Tina at T&M daycare for inviting us to join them on this wonderful adventure! We had a blast :).

Are you a licensed or registered childcare provider in the area? Would you like to join us on future field trips? Drop me an email and we will keep you posted on our upcoming adventures!

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