Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ripples of Inspiration!

(Photo above courtesy of Opal Hoffman)

(Photo courtesy of Tina Brandel)

I am so excited to share these photos with you! If you have been following the blog, you know that I have been traveling and providing training sessions to other early childhood educators in the U.P. There are A LOT of great things about this opportunity, but what has been absolutely amazing is the response I have received!

(Photo courtesy of Cindy LaFave and Liz Gudwer)
 I cannot adequately put into words the feeling I have when I see all of the wonderful changes folks have made after my training!  I love how they take what I have done and/or found and make it their own!
(Photo taken at the Gladstone Childcare Center) 

It is AMAZING to see all of the inexpensive changes to children's spaces that create atmospheres for learning through play!

Stephanie over at A Little Bit of This N That  came to one of my science training sessions and she posted all kinds of great things they tried the very next day!

If you aren't close enough to come to a training but would like to see some of the sources of inspiration, hop on over to the Outdoor Inspiration link up page and check it out! There are oodles of great inexpensive ideas!

Have you made changes to your space and/or tried some of the ideas I have been sharing? I would love to hear about it. Drop me a message and send some photos along if you can! 

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Unknown said...

These are all so wonderful Amy - and you are doing an amazing job spreading the word! I'm loving their banging wall - and the little dinosaur scene just yells "come play with me".

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