Thursday, August 25, 2011

Science Trekkers at the Houghton County Fair

We're in Houghton at the county fair this weekend. Typically we don't head in this direction until Friday night, but this year, we opted  to come for the whole fair! We will be running the Kid's Day activities on Saturday, and tonight..... we went to the Science Trekkers Tent! IT WAS SO COOL!

We had the opportunity to run across oobleck, stand inside giant bubbles...... and oh so much more!
Dane's favorite experiment involved jabbing a skewer through a balloon and NOT popping it. We also had "dragon breath" when we tried extremely cold graham crackers (frozen with liquid nitrogen).  We watched as they blew up a garbage can, and put out a candle flame with an "invisible" gas. 

You can learn more about some of the activities that were provided here: family engineering.

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