Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Check These Links Out!

So, I'm still on my blogging break. I've been making a lot of progress for my research project. (If you are interested in what I am doing.... I am doing a meta-analysis of the evaluation of online training. If you have any research that you think I would be interested in looking at... please let me know!)

Anyway, I am still on the road a bit, this week I was in Escanaba and tomorrow I will be going to Menominee. We have been having a lot of "Sense"ational Learning Fun all over the U.P.!  As I promised in Escanaba- here is a list of links of interest:

Teach Preschool on Facebook. Deborah Stewart is amazing! She has over 23,000 folks who are interested in the field of early childhood following her page. It is worth joining Facebook just to follow her page to connect and network! (not to mention all of the other great ece folks on there!)

Sand and Water Tables. Tom Sensori has an amazing blog that revolves around the contraptions he creates for the sensory table.  Remember to let your children take things out of the table and provide materials to add additional exploration and planes of play.

"Sense"ational Learning Fun Pinterest Board. Have you found Pinterest yet?  It is an online social bookmarking site. I love it for saving ideas and inspiration from around the web. I have all kinds of other boards if you are interested in checking those out, but I am working on putting a board together that includes the ideas and recipes for each training session. That way, if you forget what something looks like or are too far away to come to the training, all of the blog post links are in the same place for you!

Okay... back to reading research.. So that I can come back to blog for real!  Until then, if these links aren't enough, check out the ever growing blog roll below!


Tom Bedard said...

Thanks Amy. I am really gratified to be mentioned in your blog. Good luck with that research. The U.P. is lucky to have you as a resource.

Play for Life said...

I LOVE Toms blog Amy. He has such cool ideas! Of course following Deborah on Facebook is a given! As for PINTREST ... don't get me started with that!!!
Donna :) :)

5+2=1 said...

I would so love to get on pinterest, the ladies at 'irresistible ideas for play based learning' said i should ask you? is that how it works??

Cheers Bernadette - australia

insurance Quotes said...

Tom has such cool ideas! Love his blog!

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