Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sloth Bear Costume

I have an amazing, smart, and creative eight-year old. His uniqueness and creativity has me quite busy this week... sewing.... sewing, creating, and sewing.... (Remember the cowboy alligator last year?) Thus, the blog has taken a serious back seat as I work to create a sloth bear costume.

I started with a pattern- for the jumpsuit, but created and pieced together the rest... and it is still not completely done. I need to finish hand stitching the rest of the front paw claws....

Do you even know what a sloth bear is? In this house hold, they have been the topic of discussion and research for quite some time. Check out this link to google images so that you can see what they look like in real life. Dane did so much research about these bears that he even found out that they have one at the Toledo Zoo, which pretty much determined our route for this past summer's road trip. Yes, we did see a real live sloth bear!

Are you celebrating/dressing up for Halloween this year? 
What are you/your children going to be?

Any guesses as to what I'm going to be????
(I'm off to finish all of our costumes... the clock is ticking....)

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Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam said...

Awesome!! You are so talented!!

This year my 4 yo daughter settled on being a sparkly monster. She was really set on being a fire, but this year has been horrible for fires in Central TX and feared that people would think we were making a cruel joke. =(

My daughter's homemade costumes aren't as clever because I can't sew but manage some with adhesive strips and a glue gun, and she also doesn't like things over her face and covering her head. LOL!

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