Monday, November 7, 2011

Sticky Business

We have done this activity quite a few times, but I have never blogged about it! We always have so many fun things going on, that often you only get a small glimpse here! I first saw this at the U.P. Early Childhood Conference from Dr George Forman during a showing one of the Videatives
The concept is quite simple. You use a piece of clear contact paper, sticky side up. Sometimes I have used duct tape to hold it down and sometimes I have used clear packaging tape. It doesn't really matter, you just need something to hold the paper down with. 
The tactile contact with this sticky paper is wonderful sticky business for little ones to explore! This little guy kept going back to explore the sticky surface. It kept him engaged in learning exploration on and off for almost two hours! He wasn't the only one there to explore. Even the older children stopped by to play with the sticky patch. 
Will my sock stick? How about a few of the toys? How strong is this sticky paper? 

Deborah Stewart over at Teach Preschool is starting a monthly link up of every day sensory play! How cool is that! You all know that I have oodles and oodles of sensory play posts, and I think this linky is going to be a great resource for finding new ideas and being reminded of older ones!
Every Day Sensory Play

I am linking this post up. Here is a list of other sensory play activities that are some of our favorites:
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Slime Off!
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Fabulous Floam
Holiday Greens
Sensory Salts
Clean Mud
Worms, Worms, Worms!
Shaving Cream
Moon Sand
Ice Cubes
Kool-Aid Painting and Play Dough
Real Mud
Experimenting with Hydraulics

And, there are so many more! Check the archives!

You can also find oodles of ideas through my Pinterest Boards!

This one has a ton of posts to go along with my "Sense"-ational Learning Fun Training Session:
"Sense"-ational Learning Fun

and this one is a collection of sensory ideas I have found from around the web:
Sensory Fun

What have you done today to help promote children learning through their senses?

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laura said...

this is a fun idea. we do craft projects with contact & both my three & one year old love that, but never thought to just put it out for play. i know what will be waiting when they get up from nap today!!!! thanks for the great idea!

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