Thursday, November 10, 2011


This year, we planted sunflowers. 
Unfortunately, one of my flaws happens to be that I cannot for the life of me keep any flower alive! I don't know how I manage to kill them, but for some reason, I am not very successful when it comes to flowers! 
(Now, vegetables on the other hand... I have no problem with, go figure!) 
We had three wonderful sunflowers sprout and SURVIVE in our rock garden!!! 
(It is probably a good thing I was too busy to take care of them and just let nature run it's course!)
A couple of the flower heads disappeared. I set them out on the front porch bench. Perhaps they were carried away by our feathered or furry friends. Fortunately, one of them remained for us to investigate.
We checked it out with some magnifying glasses, 
and then we decided to tear it up... I wonder what it looks like inside.......
What are all of these little black things?
Ever wonder what a cross section would look like?
We tasted a few seeds, they were yummy! 
We used some of the plant parts to print with (sorry no photos)
and then we added the remains back into one of our tire planters in the front garden. 
Hopefully the birds will help us out again next year and we will have some more sunflowers to explore!


katepickle said...

Oh sunflowers are gorgeous and loads of fun when you get to remove all the seeds. We had plans last year to make bird feeders from ours, but the cockatoos beat us to them and we were left with huge empty heads!

Ticia said...

There's a really cute book called Sunflower Mystery, or something like that I read to my kids about the flowers disappearing. If you can find it, it's a good read for kids.

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