Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Winter Sledding Fun!

It's the weekend. There are a ton of things we could be doing....
like dishes, 
laundry, cleaning, etc...

BUT, it is winter, and we only have sunlight for so long....
and honestly, time flies way to fast.... So instead, we went to the park!

We took about a "zillion" new family portraits in the snow.
(A zillion according to Dane that is)

We rocked the hill! The snow was well compact
due to heavy use yesterday in the warm sunshine.
With today's cooler temperatures, the hill was slick,
and our afternoon was filled with giggles!

Here is another video of the same run from another perspective:

I even "got some BIG air!"

We sure had a lot of fun!

The hill takes less than 30 seconds on a good sled on the way down, 
no guarantees on how long it will take to climb back up!

We'll be at the park again tomorrow (Sunday) around 3!!!
It's a public place, you're welcome to come and play too!

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