Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Much

We are blessed in so many ways, and right now... we have way TOO MUCH stuff! So, as part of our new year and return home.... We are opting for a bag/box a day challenge.  Each day, we are removing a large bag or box full of things from our home that we no longer use and/or need. Hopefully, we will be able to keep it up through the month of February!

So, if you are local and are looking for anything, please don't hesitate to let us know! I am posting quite frequently on Yooper Yardsale (Yahoo Group) and Yooper Rummage Sales (on Facebook). Dane is hoping to purge and sell enough stuff to convince us to pitch in with him for an ipad.

I just hope to make our space less cluttered!

You can follow some of our purges here: Dane's Online Yardsale. We will be posting items for local sale daily as it is way too cold and snowy for a traditional yard sale!

Are you up for a de-cluttering challenge? I'd love to hear your organization and purging tips!

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Unknown said...

With my 1 year old son's recent birthday and Christmas, he's accumulated MORE toys (and clothes) thanks to two very lovely grammies. :) I've told my husband that everytime he gets a new toy, 3 have to go. I'm hoping this "rule" will stick and it will carry thru even when he is older. I like your purging idea, too. I thought of making a list of all the rooms, closets, etc in our home and maybe going thru those areas to purge. Hoping to make it a daily activity. :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

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