Thursday, February 9, 2012

100+ Ways To Paint!!!!!

On the 30th of each month, I blog over at PreKandK Sharing. 
This is a collaborative effort involving a number of early childhood professionals. 

This past month, I shared a bunch of ways in which We LOVE Paint! Then, I asked (you) the readers to link up ways in which you paint or recipes for homemade paint. There are now over 100 ways to paint listed!!!

Do you have a great painting post, or idea for painting? 
The linky is open for another couple of weeks! (2/29/2012)

Some of my favorite so far include:

I love how they just used what they had and dove right into the process!

SO... If you are looking for some great ways to paint and enjoy the process of art, 
Hop on over to

PreK + K Sharing
And check out all of the GREAT ways that you can paint!

This article also inspired a GREAT Discussion on Product vs. Process. Do you have a blog post or interesting article worth reading in regard to product vs. process???? I'd love for you to link it up!

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RainbowsWithinReach said...

Amy..... you did such an amazing job in your initial article over at PreK+K on all things paint -- which stirred up my response. I'm so glad that you were the springboard for further conversation thru my first 'op-ed' piece.

The response has been amazing. So glad that you gave me the catalyst for further discussion! Thanks for holding my hand as I got further out there on the ledge.

Debbie Clement

I've added my two articles that are specific to the educator's response in your linky.

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