Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Mud Pie/Snow Cake Kitchen

If you have been following this blog for a length of time, you know that we LOVE outdoor play, and one of our favorite outdoor activities is to cook in our mud pie kitchen!
However, our wonderful mud pie kitchen as shown above, looks nothing like that photo today.....
Mud pies aren't really an option when the ground is frozen and most of the kitchen is covered in snow! That doesn't stop us from playing in our outdoor kitchen, you see.... Now we don't have a "mud" pie kitchen, but instead, we have a "snow cake" kitchen!
Many of our tools for our kitchen are burried in the snow, but these lovely molds are PERFECT for snow cakes!
The sun and warmer weather (almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit today!) have made our snow quite pliable and thus we have the perfect ingredients for snow cakes!

The perfect snow cakes are packed with lots of snow!
The change in season and natural materials lend themselves nicely to expanding upon children's play. Winter weather and snow provide a fantastic opportunity to learn and explore!

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How have you been playing outside this week?


Kierna C said...

Love it Amy, what lovely fluffy snow you have. It is so good to see childrne out enjoying the snow instead of just looking out the window at it. thanks for linking up this week, Kierna

Meagan said...

The cooper molds are awfully pretty... Do you have trouble with corrosion, or are they treated against it?

Amy A @ Child Central Station said...

Kierna- I'm always more than happy to link up our fun outdoor play! We're outside all the time!

Meagan- I haven't had any trouble with corrosion yet. These molds are cooking molds. I don't know how long they will hold up outside, but we will keep cooking with them and watch for wear and tear! In the summer we use them for mud pies.

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