Friday, March 9, 2012

Loose Parts = Creativity and Imagination

Have you seen the Winter edition of Connections for a Great Start?
The whole issue is based upon supporting children's creativity and imagination, and we shared some of our fun with loose parts.

Loose parts are great indoors and out... Putting them together is fantastic for fort building!

Imagination soars when cardboard boxes are instantly transformed!

A row of chairs could be a train, a bus or a plane..... Where are we travelling today?

Teamwork happens when parts are too big to move by yourself!

Large loose blocks can be built into a stage, and tubes become microphones or instruments for your band!

Industrial sized tubes become great listening ears and muscles!

Tires are great for pretty much everything!

Obstacle courses start to pop up all over the place!

How have you been using loose parts?

1 comment:

Juliet Robertson said...

Hear! Hear! My children love loose parts too!

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