Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making music with Infants - Mini Thunder Drum

Around here, we "run" with an emergent curriculum. 
Sometimes, I get a lot of questions in regards to,
well... what about the infants and toddlers?

Well, some of our activities have to be adapted when 
it comes to working with younger children, 
but for the most part working with our infants and toddlers 
is not much different from working with our preschool aged children.

We still follow the children's lead. We spend a lot of time setting up a rich environment 
that gives each child the opportunity to learn and grow through exploration.
However, with infants and toddlers, they do not directly tell you... you have to observe 
and make some assumptions about their actions and play......

Our little guys are simply fascinated by sound. 
They have been doing their best to make music wherever they go.

This little guy loves the texture of our bench. 
He spends quite a bit of time exploring the sounds made by running 
different toys back and forth across the slightly bumpy surface. 
To encourage his continued exploration, I moved a wide range of toys 
within his reach. Each one offering a slightly different sound 
and experience for him.

If you remember, we have an outdoor music area
When I initially set it up, I made sure to place some of the
 "instruments" within reach of our youngest learners.
 However recently, it became quite clear 
that our Thunder Drum was too high for our little guys......
They can reach up and over, but it is not comfortable 
for them to do so for very long, but they love to try.... 
and they love the sound.....

So, to facilitate their continued exploration,
 I went out and found a galvanized utility tub. 
It is large enough to encourage side by side play, 
but short enough for our infants to use without concern 
of the drum or the children falling over! 
(Right now, it is inside, but the plan is to move it to the outdoor music area!)

Our boys are having a great time banging, singing, and clapping!

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Crystal Underwood said...

I just love all your musical activities. Your outdoor music space is so inspiring! I recently found you, and am loving your site.

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