Friday, March 16, 2012

More Music in the Yard!

The warm temperatures have melted the snow! It seems so odd to be raking instead of shoveling during the middle of March! Our outdoor time has increased significantly and today- we spent a lot of time making music!

After the winter snow, we have a few things to touch up.... 
The top of our thunder drum needs a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint,
and our tire drum needs a new drum head....

And... we have all kinds of plans for some new additions too... stay tuned!
If you are looking for more details in regard to our outdoor music area, 
you might want to check out these posts:

IF you would like to hear some of the wonderful music we made today- 

I shared this post here:


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1 comment:

Mama Pea Pod said...

Amy, I just love the idea of having an outdoor music play area, and I see yours has gotten a lot more colourful since the last time I 'visited' it (I mean virtually, of course). I must have missed that post, will look back at the links now.
Thanks so much for sharing it at the Outdoor Play Party!

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