Thursday, April 26, 2012

Log Puzzles...aka Cookie Blocks

"If you build this puzzle you would get a log"

"No, it would be a tree!"

Last week was the city's annual spring brush clean up. The perfect time for curbside collectors to stock up on logs, sticks, and branches!!! Driving around, I simply could not resist stopping at a number of piles to investigate.

I found some trimmings from a soft maple tree and brought them up to my parent's house and my dad ran them through his ban saw. I thought about cutting them myself or with the children, but quickly realized that the logs would probably sit for a long time waiting for me to get to my "to do" list. I'm glad that I had that foresight, because the children absolutely love these new "cookies."

We have two boxes filled with various sized wooden cookies. For right now, we have them all inside, the children have been playing with them for hours. They can't quite seem to figure out how to get this crazy puzzle back together....

They sure are fun to build with!
 Do you have any natural cookie blocks?

If you don't have the equipment to make your own,wooden cookies like ours and are in the market for some great natural blocks.....

You might want to check out B&B Blocks. They are a local (U.P. of Michigan) couple of guys who recently started a business making blocks! Their website is brand new and under construction. But, you can find all kinds of information and their products on the B&B Blocks Facebook Page.


Deborah@Teach Preschool said...

These are super cool! I want some:)

block letters for nursery said...

My 7 years old son took a plastic shopping bag from the cupboard and used a pair of scissors to cut two large rectangles from the bag. He wrapped them around on his feet, and used lots of adhesive tape to secure the plastic “ice-skates” in place. Yeah, he did ice-skating in our living room. Anyway, those wooden cookies are cute. A great idea for children's toy.

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