Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Wired, Fired, and Freakin' Inspired!"

It was fantastic to meet Jeff A Johnson of Explorations Early Learning!
My head is spinning from all of the recent inspiration! To steal a quote from my great friend and fellow presenter, Nancy Blackwell from Longevity of Success... "I am wired, fired, and freakin' inspired!"

I have so many wonderful new things to share with you.... but tonight I just have time to share a few photos and videos.... So, bear with me as I work to catch my breath, regroup and regain a "normal" life pace!
Rusty Keeler from the Earthplay Network is also a GREAT source of inspiration!
This past Friday and Saturday was the Upper Peninsula Early Childhood Conference, and I had an amazing opportunity to meet some folks who have been a HUGE amount of inspiration to me in my life journey as an early childhood educator and professional.
Deborah McNelis of Brain Insights was also presenting at our conference!
She had an amazing session on brain development!

Here are a few short video clips from the Family Fun Night we hosted with Jeff A Johnson of Explorations Early Learning as part of our 2012 Conference:

There are a ton of other photos and videos on the conference's Facebook page! If you are interested in joining us next year... save the dates! April 19-20, 2013 at Bay College in Escanaba, Michigan! Visit for updates.


Patrice said...

I am so glad you had an awesome time with Jeff Johnson. I just bought his newest book, "Let Them Play" and am devouring it.

Kidlutions(tm): Solutions for Kids said...

I was bummed I was unable to attend this conference! It looks like it was wonderful! Glad to have found you online via @braininsights (I had hoped to be able to meet up w/ Deb, a long-time online friend, whom I've yet to meet in person)! Also, I read somewhere that you had attended the Grand Rapids MiAEYC conference. I was there, too! Presented with @LouiseASL on Anger Management for Kids! We may have crossed paths!

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