Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Magnetic Discovery Bottles

It's fall here in Michigan. We've been busy...... It has been quite a wet and rainy season for us, but that doesn't stop us from finding some fun things to do, both inside and out!

One of our favorite books to read lately has been:

So, I thought...why not create a discovery bottle to go along with it!
We took an empty 2 liter bottle, and started to add pieces of pipe cleaners to it.

We added small clippings of green and we made 16 pumpkins:
To make each pumpkin, we took a short piece of green pipe cleaner and wrapped it with orange pipe cleaners until it looked right. (Most of the time it took 2 full orange pipe cleaners to give the pumpkins the shape we wanted.) I also added numbers to the bottle. After I printed them out, I added a paperclip to each number to make them magnetic. After we were all done, I sealed the top with some hot glue, and reinforced it with a couple of layers of duct tape! Viola- Magnetic Discovery Bottle. The children have been having a great time using our magnet wands to move the pumpkins and vines up and down the bottle!

This time of year, the children have also been buzzing about Halloween! They have had some very interesting costume creations over the past few days!

They've been dressing up and talking about their costumes for this year. (Mr Allan and I were fish a few years back, and the children love to use our old costumes for play!)

Are you dressing up this year?

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Deborah said...

I am not familiar with that book! Love the 16 pumpkin discovery bottle!

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