Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to my "REAL" Job

The last six months have been a whirlwind. Are you kidding me, it's almost Christmas... how on earth can that be possible... I've been living in a time sucking vacuum... and I'm not getting any of that time back.

Most of you know that back in June, I opted to take a "real" job, because you know working at home as a child care provider isn't really a real job. (Insert sarcasm here).  Contrary to popular belief, working with children is probably the most real job that there is.... well, that and being a mom.

As a consultant, I had big hopes and dreams. I took a job too good to be true, that well wasn't true. In a rosy glasses kind of world the job was ideal. I really had the opportunity to influence change, to make a difference on a larger scale. To help mold the future in the field of early childhood in our state.  In reality, I had little power in my position. I worked long hours, and was continually struggling with my integrity. Although the goals of the organization were lofty, I really struggled with the process in which they were/are using to employ those goals. I have been miserable, on the road a lot, not sleeping at night, and sicker than I have ever been. Obviously, this "real" job was not all it was cracked up to be.

So, I've resigned.

I'm back to being "just" a child care provider. 
I'm looking forward to being back to the things that I love.
 To making a difference in the lives of young children, 
to making real connections every day,
 and to continuing to advocate for what I believe in. 

Maybe now, after I take some time for myself, my family, and catching up on all of the loose ends... I'll be back more. I'll have time to blog, to craft, to sew.... to create, and to develop! I  have high hopes for some brand new training adventures, and more opportunities to connect with all of you online. 

Stay tuned!


Phyllis said...

You are so good at your job. Every life you touch is blessed by you.

Tina said...

Nice. I wouldn't change being my own boss in my family home child care business for anything!

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