Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's Talk Tech Tuesdays - Tending Tots

Last week, I introduced you to my new weekly topic for posting on Tuesdays, "Let's Talk Tech Tuesdays".  If you missed that post, you can find it here! Last week, I spent a little bit of time sharing with you an app that I use for taking anecdotal notes on my iphone/ipad. This week, I have a computer program/app that is more universal for use as you can utilize it from your computer, iphone/ipad, or android phone.

This program allows you to track your daily information sheets through the program and to link individual children to their parents. Parents will then have the opportunity to receive up to the minute information on their child in care or opt to have a daily digest of information. You can log all activities including arrival/departures, feedings/meals/snacks, naps, learning activities, first aid, etc. You an also add photos and videos!

I know that many sites use paper versions of daily sheets. This app is handy because it saves paper, and there is a lasting record of the child's events. Sometimes the paper versions disappear, and having an electronic record comes in handy!

This program also allows you to track staffing hours, generate billing invoices, and send reminders/notes to parents.

The best part about this program.... not only does it do all of this amazing stuff... BUT it is also FREE! (Well, it is free for providers. Parents have the option of a limited free version, or they can pay for an upgraded version. (The upgraded version costs $5/month or $36/year). With the free version they are able to access the children's activities, but to see photos and send messages they must have the paid version.

(Please note, the opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own. I have not been contacted by any of the developers or owners of the apps or programs I am sharing. I am not being compensated in any way for sharing this information. I opted to share this information about the above mentioned product because I have personally found it to be helpful in my work and/or personal life.)

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