Sunday, January 27, 2013

Balancing Blocks


2013-01-25 00.24.19

I once heard someone remark about homemade blocks….. something along the line of making sure that you create them so that they are level or the children get frustrated with the fact that they don’t stack well…….

2013-01-25 00.19.48

I beg to differ with that remark. Although we did not make these blocks, they were handcrafted by B&B Blocks in Arnheim, I LOVE the fact that the pieces are not perfectly level and they provide an opportunity for learning to balance and stacking that commercially made blocks just don’t have…..

2013-01-25 00.24.07

Crafting castles and building up is more challenging, and requires extensive thought and problem solving…. Maybe if we flip it this way, or what happens if we put this one here? Maybe we can make a pattern…… So many ways to try…..

2013-01-25 00.27.02

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