Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let It Snow! Indoor Snow Day


Last week, we were short on snow. In fact, it has been an odd winter here in Upper Michigan. We went for quite a few days with little or no snow at all. We are usually well into our snowy winter fun, but alas this year, we have had to make due with some alternative winter activities.


One of the things we put into our sensory bin (Which by the way is just a washing machine pan. You know, the kind you find at the DIY store to put under your washer), has been packing peanuts.  We love the biodegradable kind, made from corn starch. These “peanuts” are perfect for scooping and pouring……


They are also lightweight, and float through the air when you toss them up! Just like snowflakes, but much bigger!  (You didn’t really think that we would keep them in the bin did you?)


We also found out that if they get wet, they start to dissolve…. and when the ends get gooey, they stick! So, we added some water to the mix for further experimentation…..


Turning ourselves into snow monsters!!!!

Then, just like real snow…. they all melted and dissolved away when we washed them down the sink!

What kinds of fun winter explorations have you been up to?

(On a side note, life is getting to be much more normal around here… It has been snowing on and off all weekend!)

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