Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Upcycled Bird Feeders

In a recent issue of Birds and Blooms they featured a bird feeder made with a piece of wood and plastic caps. We opted to adapt their version to make ours more unique and personable.
The children had the option to choose which caps to use and how they wanted to decorate their boards. Some chose to use paint, others permanent markers.
After the boards were decorated. We added caps with either screws or nails. The children had the option to decide which tools they thought would be best. We also added screws or nails as perch points near each cap for the birds.
Each feeder was completed with the child’s own preference and flair!
With the extra paint, I put one together too!
The feeders in the magazine were filled with peanut butter. We opted to make a sticky treat for the birds made from peanut butter, sunflower seeds (from our Mammoth Sunflowers this summer/fall), and air popped popcorn!
I wonder what birds we’ll attract this year with these???
Have you been bird feeding/watching this winter?

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