Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Luge

We're up to it again!
We finally had enough snow to put in the luge run for this year :). 

Our design this time around is different from last time, but I think it is just as fun.
Our son, Dane has been busy learning a bit about making movies and using technology to document his learning, so today, he compiled a few of the videos and photos from our first day on the luge- ENJOY!


HowToRunAHomeDaycare WithSuccess said...

WOW, great luge. You have the perfect yard for it. I came over from the ebook tips facebook group introduce yourself comment. I have a home daycare and I'm homeschooling as well so I thought it would be nice to say, Hello! Your blog is wonderful. I enjoyed all the pics of your school room set up. Your dedication is obvious!
Jana from www.HowToRunAHomedaycare.com

Coombe Mill said...

Oh my that just looks amazing! My kids were having a wild outdoor time this week too, but they would love to have snow to try this!

Jen Farr said...

That is awesome! Love it! Thanks for linking to the Outdoor Play Party.

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