Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feeding the Birds

We’ve had two snow days in a row…..
and they are measuring the snowfall in feet rather than inches! 
(Maybe we will have a luge this year after all!!!!) 

Some of our feathered friends have been
braving the storm to visit our feeders.
We've been seeing lots of chickadees and
even a few grosbeaks during the snow storm. 
Today we decided that maybe our feathered friends could
use a few more feeders in the yard, so we made some!
First, we covered some cardboard rolls from paper towels with Crisco.
Then we rolled the shortening covered rolls in bird seed.
To finish them off, we added a couple of tongue depressors as perches.
(I cut into the tubes with a carpet knife and we slid them in place).
We also used a hole punch to put a couple of holes in the tube
and some yarn to hang the feeder.
They make an excellent addition to our bird feeding/watching station!

Have you made any bird feeders? We’d love for you to link them up!
You can also find all kinds of bird feeders and resources on my Pinterest Bird Board!

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