Sunday, February 3, 2013

It Finally Snowed!

I was starting to give up on the idea that we might possibly be able to build a luge this year. We have had a very odd winter here in Upper Michigan. We had some early snow that lasted for awhile, but no real accumulation for weeks. Then…. almost all of it melted. You could seriously start to see green patches in our yard.
The past couple of weeks have been riddled with well below freezing temperatures and snow accumulation! I think the public schools have been closed nearly just as much as they have been open. The snow is starting to pile up, almost enough now to put in our sled run!
While we have been waiting for enough snow in the yard, We have been making regular  trips to the park.
We’ve also been spending some time playing in the yard. We decided to make a fort using the structure of our fort/slide/climbing wall as a base. The children have been shoveling the snow around the base to create walls and enclose a cool fort.
Some of the younger children have been observing the older children work from their comfy seats in the sleds….
or from the swing.
Our outdoor adventures have been fun, but we have also been working to solve problems. We have had to figure out the best way to stack the snow, how to work together, and we have also found out that some shovels definitely work better than others!P1100554
I’m hoping that in a week or so, I’ll have a luge report!

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