Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birds on the Light Table

Since we revamped our light table, the children have been showing a renewed interest in playing with it.  The children have also been enjoying bird watching. (Remember the tube feeders and upcycled feeders we made?) So, I decided to print some birds for the children to play with on the table. 

I found these amazing Winter Bird Drawings - A free printable- from Rebecca's Misc. I decided that rather than print them out on regular paper to use transparency film. Brilliant idea, right?

Well, at first thought it was brilliant- but to make the birds last, I needed to take additional steps. Even with transparency film made for inkjet printers.... they smudge when children have wet fingers. So, I cut them out and laminated them to keep them from being ruined by little fingers. We now have an amazing set of translucent birds for our light table!

You can find our laminator, the pouches, and the transparency film on Amazon! Along with a great selection of birding books- and puppets! 


Phyllis said...

It always amazes me, when I drop by for a visit, how creative your activities are! I love the creative play opportunities!

Gerianne said...


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