Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Fun with Hardboard Scraps

If you have been reading the blog lately,
you know that we have been having fun with some scrap
 pieces of hardboard that were left over after I made some new cubbies.
Most of the time, the children were using the hardboard for ramps...
 but when they were building the various ramps...
 a few new discoveries happened......

They observed that the hardboard was quite smooth. 
 So, they figured out that the scraps made wonderful carpet skis!
 If you are strong enough, you can even give a friend (or two)
 a ride as you glide across the carpet.

 OR- you can use them like sleds instead of skis. You sit down and
have a friend give you a gliding push across the floor.
Even our little stuffed animal friends had the opportunity to come along for a ride.
THEN..... another discovery happened!
You can make MUSIC when you move the hardboard-
the vibrations cause various sounds to happen!
Do different sized boards make different sounds?
Are there different ways to move the boards?
How cool is that?
And it all happened, while we were "just" playing!

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