Sunday, March 10, 2013

Think Spring!

When March rolls around, the calender leads us to believe
 that it is time to THINK SPRING! 
However, here in northern Michigan, 
most of the time we are still covered in snow!

If you still have snow, or even patches of snow, 
you might enjoy spending an afternoon adding some color

When you do have a few warmer days and the snow begins to melt, 
take some time to play in the Spring Mud!

Playing in the mud might remind you that you could really take

When enough snow melts it will be time to mix the dirt/mud for our garden.

Then, you might consider going inside to check on your sprouts...

If you don't have any sprouts to check on, 

Spring is also a great time to hatch chicks!
(You can also raise frogs and as summer approaches butterflies!)

What are you doing this spring?
If you are looking for inspiration, 
Check out all of these great pages:
as part of the:

Do you have a great idea for spring? Join in on the fun! This is a blog hop:

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