Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 UP Early Childhood Conference

I'm home- recouping from another AMAZING weekend at the UP Early Childhood Conference. I spent the entire day yesterday with Lisa Murphy aka The Ooey Gooey Lady! (I know you're jealous!) Great conference sessions- great conversations- and she even took some amazing photos of my "Sense"ational Learning Fun workshop session! Most of the time- I am so busy with presenting that I forget to take photos or ask someone else to.  (You can see all of the photos on her Facebook Page)

This is one of my favorites- We put slime/goop/gak/putty/flubber (whatever name you give the substance made with water, borax, and glue) on top of my pvc pipe and peg board contraption (inspired by Tom of Sand and Water Tables).... We let it sit and TA DA! 

Here is a video of our turkey baster and plastic shot glass projectile!

I also realized today that those of you hoping to recreate our sand and water table- that the plans in the handout are for a previous version..... 

So, watch the blog this week for more detailed explanations on 
the dimensions and how we put the latest version of 
our pvc pipe and cement mixing tub table together! 

You can read more about our hydraulics station in an older post here.
(That was also inspired by Tom over at Sand and Water Tables)

I was also privileged to spend most of Friday with Georgean Johnson Coffey (and James Coffey too!) We were so busy with our workshops and chatting that we forgot to get any photos taken together- we'll have to make that happen next time! 

I'm super excited to have some new music to share this week!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

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