Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Planting with Kids BLOG HOP!

The Usual Mayhem Child Central Station The Usual Mayhem Child Central Station

It is hard to believe that it is really spring around here, with all of the recent snow fall! However, when you live in Upper Michigan- if you are going to have a good harvest- you need to think spring and garden even when the snow keeps falling! I am so excited to be co-hosting  this lovely BLOG HOP with The Usual Mayhem to get me energized and thinking spring!

 I was raised on a hobby farm- and my dad taught me that you start your seedlings on St. Urho's Day, unless of course you are Irish- then you start them a day later on St. Patrick's Day.
 Our sprouts have been doing exceptionally well- and we have 2 greenhouses up and running with all of the plants! You see- most of the time, when we plant with the children- we end up with A LOT of sprouts. Typically when I would put in 1 or 2 seeds- they often use 5 or 6. Then, when all of the seeds take- voila- massive amount of plants to separate and transplant. I think we have about 70 tomato plants going! (We only planted in 18 peat discs to start).

 We have already transplanted many of our cherry tomato plants- and our T-REX is doing a fantastic job of monitoring them as they hang in the dinosaur room window!

A couple of them in patio buckets are about 2 1/2 feet tall--- and you can see the snow still outside on the other side of the sliding glass door. I bet that we will have quite a harvest again this year!

 This year, we actually started planning our garden in January- we were even crazy enough to plant a few beans for indoor harvesting! We may continue to do this on an ongoing basis- having fresh veggies year round would be a real treat!

We plan to get our hoop houses on our cinder block square foot gardens up and running just as soon as the snow melts and ground thaws enough for us to get to work!

Until then, we will continue to care for our sprouts indoors- transplanting as necessary! 

and now.... It's time to HOP!  A blog hop is a linky that is hosted on various blogs at the same time. If you link up on any one of the blogs- your post will appear in the same list on all of the other blogs who add the blog hop code! All of the following blogs have opted to join in on our fun:

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You can join us too! Please feel free to link up any posts new or old that relate to planting or gardening with children. The posts may be directly about gardening or involve garden art, crafts, or learning activity. 

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The Usual Mayhem Child Central Station

Have fun hopping and linking up! 
I'll be sharing a few more of our garden 
ideas over the next couple of days. 
Maybe it will help warm things up and melt all of this snow!


Erin D - The Usual Mayhem said...

Wow! You weren't kidding about how big your plants are! Ours have't even broken the soil yet!

Unknown said...

I feel so behind. We haven't even started yet.

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