Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Foamy Bubbles! Water Table for Infants and Toddlers

Babies need to beat the heat too! 
Sometimes working with infants and toddlers can be challenging,
 as they have trouble reaching up and into most sensory tables. 
You also have to be careful and monitor them for more safety issues,
 where you definitely don't want the water to be too deep. 

Here is our favorite, tried and true infant
(and toddler.... and preschool.... and school aged) 
sponge water table to help beat the heat!

We use an under the washing machine tub,
I think we spent about $10 on ours at a local hardware store.
Then, we fill it with 1" thick craft foam.
Ours is in 4 pieces that are cut to fit perfectly in the tub.
(You do not need to have individual pieces,
 we just happened to have this foam already in smaller pieces.
One large piece would work just as well).

Then.... all you need to do is add cold water
and a little bit of soap for bubbles (optional).
The children seem to like the bubbles a bit more
 than just plain water, but either option will work!

The washer tub is large enough to allow multiple children 
to explore all at once, but it is low enough that
 the mobile infants can easily crawl right up to it 
and reach over the edge to participate in exploration. 

When you add the soap to the water,
pushing down on the sponge repeatedly creates bubbles!
 Lots of foamy, fun bubbles!

We also discovered that when you push down
on the sponge foam- your hand-prints become visible!
(Check back for more explorations with these "prints" on Friday)

Have you ever made a foamy bubble sensory table?

What is your favorite way to cool off with infants and toddlers? 

We would love to hear about it!

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