Friday, September 13, 2013

The End of Summer

Today marks the end of the second week that our school aged friends returned and/or started school. It also marks the last day for our friends who are starting Head Start next week. It has been a time of big changes and transitions for us. The summer was a whirlwind of fun, learning, and memorable adventures.

I'm sure many of you noticed that I opted to take most of the summer off. It was a nice, much needed break. In general- juggling a home based business, homeschooling, and family can be a bit challenging at times. I have often had people ask me exactly how I manage to do it all- and the truth is, sometimes you just have to let one or two things go in order to make the other things happen. This summer, I opted to let technology go. My presence on the blog and social media were quite minimal. I needed to stop juggling and doing- and to just be.

Now that life is again changing, I hope to get into a regular blogging routine. I've missed sharing our adventures and connecting with all of you. We had an AMAZING summer, so anticipate seeing a wonderful mix of new posts that contain both new/current happenings as well as a few posts mixed in from our summertime fun!

Thanks for sticking with us through the lull- and I hope to hear from you either on the blog, or feel free to stop by Facebook and share what you are up to on our page as well! 

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