Tuesday, October 29, 2013

101 Ways to Paint Without a Brush! #creativitymatters

This post is inspired by Everyartist Live!, a national, collaborative art event with the goal of engaging a million elementary school children on November 21, 2013 – the largest art event in history. Want to get involved? Join us in our efforts to show that #creativitymatters. Sign up at http://everyartist.me.

Around here, we seriously LOVE paint. We go through gallons and gallons of it. Sometimes we buy it, and sometimes we make it. I know I have written a little about paint before, and I have a fabulous Pinterest Board. However, today I thought I would give you an AMAZING list of 101 Tools that you can use with paint so that painting never gets boring!

Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers in the Preschool Plus Blogger Network and the Kid's Blogger Network for their willingness to share and contribute to this round-up! Please note that all 101 ideas are linked to a blog post. Simply click on the item (even if there is not a photo featured) and you will be directed to the tutorial/post with more information.

1. Plungers
5. Kick Balls
6. Fingers
100. Pine Cones
101. Dish Brushes

Giving children options and choice when determining what and how to create promotes their creativity. Additionally, it gives them personal power, and shows them that you have confidence in their abilities. Using various tools in different ways encourages children to think differently, and ultimately gives them permission to be more creative in their work!

Do you have a favorite paint recipe or tool to use to paint with?
I'd love to hear about it!

OR even better yet- hop on over to Everyartist.me and sign up to participate with your favorite painting tools in the LARGEST ART EVENT IN HISTORY!

Now, a bit more about Everyartist.me:

On November 21, 2013 Everyartist Live will launch with a goal of engaging one million elementary school aged children in a collaborative art event. When this succeeds (as I believe it will), It will be the largest art event in HISTORY!

"At Everyartist.me, we believe fostering creativity is as important as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. It will better prepare our kids to transform our country, and the world, in their lifetimes."

I hope you are as excited about this mission as I am- and that you will spread the word that #creativitymatters and sign up to participate today!


Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

Wow, what an amazing resource! Lots of ideas I hadn't thought of before!

Unknown said...

What wonderful ideas! We have tried a lot of them and need to.

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