Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Outdoor Classrooms

I have been having a wonderful time travelling and sharing with many of you our journey of change as we continue to develop our outdoor classroom. 

As promised, I have uploaded the revised presentation as a pdf and it is available in the Training and Resources section of my training website. 

Don't forget to check out all of the amazing websites
I have included, in addition to the Outdoor Inspiration tab on this site. 

Feel free to hop on over to my Pinterest Boards as well!!!
You'll find oodles of boards with outdoor inspiration, outdoor classrooms, gardening, bird watching and so much more!

I'd love to hear about the exciting things you are doing to change your outdoor space! 
Pictures and links are welcome. You can send them to me via email or leave a comment below.

Thanks again for continuing the energy, enthusiasm and encouraging more Outdoor Play!

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