Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Clay Dough!

Christmas Clay


Did you notice that the blog looks a bit different?

I've been busy, working to move our blog and website. Revamping and getting ready to celebrate the changes coming in the new year!

This is my first post from the new platform, a test post of sorts as I learn to navigate and use Wordpress. I hope that our new site will be fully up and running in January, until then, bear with me as I work through the changes and glitches.

Now, on to today's post.  This morning- we made Christmas Clay Dough!

Christmas Clay Dough 2

This is one of my favorite recipes for clay, a very different texture from traditional play dough. You may remember that I have posted about this before. (We made Clay Dough ornaments last year).

To make our dough for crafting this year I adapted the recipe just a bit:

2 c. baking soda

1 c. corn starch

1 1/2 c. water

peppermint extract (optional)

food coloring (optional)

Put all of the ingredients in a saucepan, stir constantly on medium heat until the dough becomes the consistency of mashed potatoes. The dough will become more firm as it cools.

This dough will air dry, or you can use a food dehydrator or a low temperature oven to speed up the process. Hop on back over tomorrow to learn about the finger print ornaments we made with ours!

I couldn't remember where the idea to adapt this recipe came from, but then upon reading the comments from last year my mind was refreshed! Phyllis from All Things Beautiful mentioned that she added the extract when she made the dough! Hop on over to her blog -- you won't be disappointed! 


katepickle said...

The new site is looking great! And this dough looks fab too!!

Finger Print Ornaments: 20 Days of a Kid Made Christmas - Child Central Station said...

[…] be made into Christmas ornaments, the clay was officially named “Christmas Clay Dough”. (You can find the recipe for this dough in yesterday’s post by clicking here).  After the dough had cooled, we rolled it out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters.  Then the […]

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