Friday, January 24, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Chalk

ultimate chalk

Today I'm joining in with Craftulate

and 49 other bloggers  from the Kid Blogger Network

to bring you the next in the series:


The Ultimate Guide to Chalk!

We aren't chalk experts around here- but we sure do love to experiment with it!

Some of our favorite experiences include:

We also like to make sidewalk paint- some people call it sidewalk chalk paint- It is made with household ingredients and washes easily away! (Find the recipe here). We love to add color to our sidewalks. Sometimes we:

Are you looking for another Ultimate Guide? Hop on over to the Series Landing Page Hosted by Craftulate or if you are as much of a Pinterest Lover as I am.... Hop on over to the Series Board:

ultimate board

The only way that this post will be the "ultimate" resource about chalk is through your help and collaboration! Please share your chalk activities by linking up below! I'll return the favor by pinning your activities to my Ultimate Guide to EVERYTHING  Chalk Pinterest Board!

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