Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Fresh Coat of Paint Outside- Update Music Area and Sand and Water Wall

Every spring, out outdoor space needs to be evaluated. After the winter, many of our learning spaces need a bit of maintenance. Sometimes this is in the form of sanding or repairing... and sometimes they just need a little sprucing up with a fresh coat of paint!

Some of the spaces in our outdoor classroom need regular upkeep do to the effects of the weather. The children are happy to jump in and assist with giving everything a fresh look with a coat of paint!

If you are looking for the instructions or more information about our outdoor space and the various elements there, you may be interested in these posts:
A Sand and Water Wall
Making Music in the Yard (This is one of many posts on our outdoor music area)

Our outdoor music area has evolved a bit from the beginning. The posts from our banging post station started to rot, so the post was removed and we attached some of the items to our fence instead. As nice as the post was, the fence works just as well and provides a more open space for running and jumping!  Our tire drum has had a variety of different drum heads, but the one most durable and currently in use is made of treated plywood.

Our sand and water wall hasn't changed much since our original installation. The only thing we changed was to use 2x2 supports instead of the thinner garden stakes. The original didn't rot or break, we just wanted something a little but more sturdy.

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