Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekly Lesson Plans? Shakin Bones

The research is out there.... If learning is not real and relevant to the child, it is pruned... almost immediately.  
This means that efforts to drive children's learning with predetermined themes and teacher/societal driven ideas is futile. Our brains don't keep that information... so keeping weekly lesson plans or hooking onto monthly themes and teacher driven lessons is pointless and in most cases not developmentally appropriate.
You can hear more about this from Dan Hodgins and I in the 7th episode of the Shakin' Bones podcast.

Dan and I are not saying that planning goes completely out the window. What we are saying is that planning needs to happen daily, and careful observation of the learning that is taking place and conversations with the children will yield more developmentally appropriate planning and encourage classrooms to thrive based upon the needs of the children right now.

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