Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Made in Chinamimus"

We try very hard to pay attention to the interests of the children in our care. One of the children has been very interested in dinosaurs. He loves to read dinosaur books and to play with the toy dinosaurs that we have.
I am not, nor do I claim to be a dinosaur expert. Although, with all of the hype about dinos at various points in my early childhood career, I know a bit about some of them. I do know, that many companies who make the dinosaurs often label them with the name on their stomachs or undersides.
Today, one of the children ran up to me....

"What kind of dinosaur is this?"
"I don't know, let me look to see. Hmmmn... It doesn't say" and I handed the toy back to the child. His prompt response was,
"It is right here!" pointing to the letters on the dinosaur. I looked again and smiled.
"That's not the dinosaur's name. It says MADE IN CHINA."

With quick wit, and a smile..... He replied:
"It's a Made in Chinamimus"
And there you have it.... the name seems to be sticking, and the adventures of the Made in Chinamimus continue.

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