Outdoor Classroom Inspiration!

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Our outdoor play space has been undergoing some major changes in the last year. We have been trying to transition our yard into an outdoor classroom, providing more natural materials and areas to help stimulate various types of play and more child centered learning.  I am, by far, not an expert in this field, but I continue to learn and be inspired on a daily basis.  I have been sharing my journey through workshops and trainings. If you have additional links that you would like to share, please link them up in the appropriate category. The main- anything goes link up is at the bottom of the page. (I am still working on the separate links for each category)

I have been collecting all kinds of ideas on Tumblr, and we have all kinds of plans for additional elements and changes to make to our play space.  I would love to gain more inspiration, so.... I am asking you all for help! If you have or know of some great outdoor classroom inspiration (especially in photographs....)  please link them up below! I'm going to keep these linkys open indefinitely. Feel free to come back and link up often! (I know it will take me a while to link up all of the ideas I have saved, but I think putting together these lists will be a great resource for us all!)
 Here is the link up for Sand and Water Walls:

Link Up Your Mud Pie Kitchens:
 Link Up for Outdoor Music:

Outdoor Easels Link Up:

 Outdoor Stages Link Up:

The guidelines for the linky are: 1) Must be family friendly 2) Must be activities, structures, areas, etc to promote outdoor learning/play  Thanks in advance for your help! If you would like, you are more than welcome to add the linky code to your blog as well. The more the merrier!


Kristy said...

Totally awesome! I'm sharing it all over & plan to link up soon. Thanks!

Kristi said...

We just bought a house on 5 acres, and I've been looking for REALLY AWESOME ideas to turn our yard into the Ultimate Kid's Space. I LOVE this page!! Thank you so much! All of the Linkys are awesome, so I have tons to look at.. about as good a Pinterest! <3

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