Child Care

Welcome to Our Licensed Group Home Child Care!

We are a licensed GROUP home daycare in Marquette, Michigan. We started off as a family home in 2005 and expanded to a group home in the summer of 2012. In 2023, we applied for the expansion to allow us to care for up to 14 children at a time in our home.  The first floor of our home has a dedicated space for the children. 

We provide a rigorous play-based emergent curriculum. This means that we play, and we play, and we play! Our philosophy is child-centered and we run with their interests, integrating as many learning experiences as possible into the day.  We set up an environment where children have many choices and we work with them to help them learn how to solve their own problems and provide them with assistance for conflict resolution. Your child will get muddy, wet, and full of paint on a regular basis! For a  better idea of some of our learning experiences you may wish to check out our blog archives!

Most of your questions will likely be answered on the FAQs page.

If you are interested in our childcare, you are encouraged to join our waiting list

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